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This furniture is designed for the comfort of working in a sitting position.

We present an innovative armchair for people working in a sitting position. ZeroG is designed to reduce back pain, neck and leg numbness and provide comfort and convenience.

When designing the ZeroG stand, we used NASA research, which indicated the pursuit of the "zero gravity" position in furniture construction as the best way to avoid the bad effects of prolonged sitting.

Our armchair provides:

  • getting the "zero gravity" position
  • even distribution of body weight
  • adequate support for arms, neck and legs
  • air circulation
  • safe design solutions
The structure is a durable steel frame (stainless or painted) supported on a specially profiled solid wood base.
Pillows filled with upholstery foam and trimmed with durable and aesthetic material, reinforced with wooden material.
Fastening elements and adjustment by means of special fasteners, ensuring long life and convenience of use.
The solid wood armchair base combines a beautiful, unique shape with durability.
The steel elements of the armchair have a smooth line and give the impression of lightness. A satin finish is used in the model with a stainless steel frame. It is elegant and non-flashy. Same as the black finish.
Adjustable headrest and footrest.
The workstation is designed to force a perfect, neutral body position. The design is based on the principle of passive relief of the body and is not intended to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining a perfect posture. Instead, it is supposed to provide a relaxing position for the whole body.
It allows you to work for long hours, not allowing you to unwittingly adopt a wrong posture and irritate painful parts of the body. The lack of adjustment of the central part of the chair is helpful here.
The ZeroG seat is equipped with a separate worktop on a steel structure.
The top made of wood has a profile that facilitates the use of a laptop, keyboard or graphic touchpad. The table top mounting system allows you to adjust the angle of inclination depending on your needs.
The supporting frame is equipped with a mounting enabling the installation of a dedicated monitor holder.

The problem of negative effects of working in a sitting position is common. They mainly result from incorrect body position, which is often influenced by inadequately shaped armchairs. ZeroG helps you maintain a proper, healthy body position.

There are a lot of ergonomic seats, but only the ZeroG guarantees a healthy position, additionally preventing you from unknowingly slouching or leaning towards the monitor.

The design is durable and elegant. Our armchair is not only a relief for the spine, but also a chance to have a unique piece of office or studio equipment.

The ZeroG
armchair is a registered industrial design

is protected on the basis of the Registration Certificate No. 23961 issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

The armchair is constructed on the basis of scientific research, taking into account the requirements of users working in a sitting position.

The product is made of safe and durable materials used in the production of rehabilitation furniture, which ensures their higher standard.

Thanks to the appropriate style, ZeroG can be used both in offices and in private studios.

Work in comfort, without back pain thanks to specially profiled cushions and the shape of the armchair frame.

Easy maintenance of the stand is the effect of a good finish and appropriate materials, e.g. stainless steel, a special material of the lining.

The offer includes a choice of colors for the trim, frame finish in a painted version and the color of wooden elements.

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fotel do biura z blatem roboczym

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ergonomiczny fotel do biura

11 999,00 PLN*

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The ZeroG stand can be equipped with upholstery in various colors:

wygodny fotel uchwyt do monitorów


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additional equipment

The Zero G stand can be additionally equipped with the so-called headband for hanging external monitors.

Full offer: HERE

wygodny fotel uchwyt do monitorów

Full offer: HERE

Depending on the needs, it can be fitted with 1 to 3 graphic monitors. Their configuration results both from their size and the degree of use during operation. The support frame mounted on the arm allows you to position the monitors in the correct position in relation to the eyes level.
If you do not have the possibility to make the suspension yourself, the Serve company will help in the design and manufacture of the monitor frame after agreeing the above details with the user of the chair. We have several years of experience in working on Zero G armchairs and we are happy to share our best knowledge on this subject.
Having a 3D printer, we can also help with the detailed adjustment of the workplace with various types of gadgets that facilitate work or increase the aesthetics of the environment.

Full offer: HERE

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